Zachary Carson Utah killed in fatal West Bountiful shooting, Jack Jackson arrested

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Zachary Carson Obituary: A 50-year-old man has died following a deadly shooting that happened on Friday in West Bountiful. The victim has been identified as Zachary Carson. According to the West Bountiful Police Department reports, Zachary Carson was shot multiple times just after 5 a.m. and died in the Lowes parking lot.

How did the shooting happen?

A violent altercation erupted involving Jake, Angelica, and Zachary, leading to a tragic shooting incident. An argument ensued over Angelica’s relationship with Zachary, prompting Jake to brandish a handgun. Angelica attempted to intervene, resulting in Jake forcibly pushing her against a vehicle, causing bruises and marks on her arm and back.

Zachary confronted Jake about his actions, which led to Jake shooting Zachary multiple times, causing him to collapse. Subsequently, Angelica attempted to flee the scene in her car, while Jake aggressively struck her car’s front passenger door with his handgun, damaging the handle.

Suspect arrested

After four hours, Jake was traced via a cellphone ping on U.S. Highway 191 near Moab, where it was revealed that he had installed a tracking device on his wife’s car and had been waiting in the parking lot for several hours before the couple’s return.

Authorities took Jake into custody after deflating the truck’s tires and shutting down U.S. 191 south of Moab. He was charged with various offenses, including murder, aggravated assault, unlawful installation of a tracking device, and criminal mischief. The incident marked West Bountiful’s first homicide of the year, as confirmed by Erekson.

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