Who is Sonia Sae? Age, Fennec Fox is dead? Is it animal abuse?

Who is Sonia Sae?

Sonia Sae’s birthdate is unknown, but she was born in Barcelona, Spain, and is a YouTube personality, best known for her channel on which she promotes veganism and animal rights activism. She made headlines and got a lot of attention in 2018 after many internet denizens began filing complaints about her force-feeding a pet fox a vegan diet while ignoring the negative effects it has been causing her pet.

The Net Worth of Sonia Sae

As of late-2019, net worth is ~$300,000.


While she earns income through YouTube, her online fame has also got her a bit of attention, leading to collaborative work.

Early Life and Online Beginnings

At a young age, she developed an interest in starting an online career and eventually created an account on YouTube.

YouTube Content

Sae established her channel with the intention to promote two of her biggest passions. The first is animal rights activism and the second is her stance on veganism, as she lives a vegan lifestyle. Veganism is the practice of abstaining from the use of animal products. While this mostly pertains to the diet, some vegans reject the commodity use of animals entirely. Due to this, there are several categories of vegans, and she is known as an ethical vegan, extending the vegan philosophy to many other aspects of her life.

She makes videos in a vlog style with a focus on these two aspects. This has helped her gain a bit of attention, leading to over 7,000 subscribers. She posts videos on vegan products, food, environmentally friendly products, while also posting a few songs, as she loves singing. She also does make-up tutorials and fashion videos with a focus on products she uses s a vegan. She has also done other types of videos including vlogs of her going to a variety of locations. She has started a lot of controversy due to her statements generalizing humans, the pet industry, and the beauty industry.

Fox Controversy

Sonia owns a pet Fennec fox named Jumanji – the breed is one of the few foxes that are domesticated and can be kept as pets. The fox’s diet is mainly carnivorous, only eating fruits and vegetables that it can dig up. She attracted a lot of media attention when she made a statement about switching her fox’s diet to a totally vegan one, insisting that what works with her should also work with her pets. This sparked online outrage, as many people flocked to her site to try and defend animal abuse from a self-proclaimed animal rights activist.

Her videos gained a lot of dislikes and negative comments – photos of the pet also showed that the fox was developing various sicknesses due to this drastic diet change. This led to people contacting Spanish animal rights organizations, though they couldn’t do anything about it due to Spain’s laws on animals being lax. Eventually, she started disabling likes and comments from her videos due to all the negativity. She then posted a video explaining that she had switched her pet’s diet after tests and recommendations by veterinarians, as her pet had suffered various diseases due to being denied a mostly carnivorous diet. Since then, her pet has recovered, but all of the hate that she received from the controversy continues to this day, though has lessened to a degree.

Personal Life and Social Media

She often posts photos with friends who share her viewpoints though there are no signs of her having a boyfriend, leading many to believe that she is single. Her pet fox has since recovered from his diseases though people continue to compare it to healthy fennec foxes in the wild with proper diets, that look to have better fur and a better overall demeanor.

  • Instagram on which she has over 20,000 followers
  • Facebook, on which she has over 4,600 followers, on which she continues to make radical statements about veganism, actually on all of her online accounts.

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