Who is Nicholas Alahverdian? Wife, Age, Family


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Nicholas Alahverdian is a sex offender from the United States who faked his own death in 2020.

He was captured in a Scottish hospital when his name was exposed and he was diagnosed with COVID.

Nicholas Alahverdian was caught after Covid caught Him

One of the prime suspects and  Interpol red noticed  Nicholas Alahverdian was caught after Covid Caught him in Scottland. Earlier this month,  He was hospitalized with COVID-19 symptoms in Scotland.

He was associated with a Utah sexual assault case in 2018 based on DNA evidence.

According to a 2008 Providence Journal story, Alahverdian confessed to numerous sex assaults under the name Nicholas Rossi. In that same year, he was found guilty of two sex-related counts in Ohio, as per the publication.

In a statement published on March 3, 2020, Alahverdian’s family stated he had

Died of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma at age 32.

The legitimacy of Alahverdian’s death was investigated by Rhode Island State Police in July 2020, but no conclusion had been made by January 2021.

He shared this material with a number of news outlets. According to the individual claiming to be Alahverdian’s widow, Alahverdian will be cremated and his ashes strewn at sea.

The inquiry was sparked by reports that Alahverdian was still alive, and an outstanding warrant for him in regard to his 2008 conviction for failing to register as a sex offender in Rhode Island.

Then there was Nicholas Alahverdian, a guy believed to have died two years ago but who was just discovered alive in Scotland and charged with sexual abuse.

Nicholas Alahverdian Age, Family, and Early life.

Nicholas Alahverdian was born between 1987 to 88  on July 11 and he is 34 years old. His parents were abusive as per his Wikipedia page due to which he was sent to the Rode island department of children where he later worked. But he later exposed the systemic abuse and neglect occurring within the department of children, youth, and families in Rhode Island.

After that, He was sent to facilities in Nebraska and then Florida where he was raped and tortured.

nicholas alahverdian age

He later exposed the abuse as an adult and became a lobbyist and demanded reform. Today, the Nebraska and Florida facilities are closed and reforms are being considered.

Alahverdian had previously overseen political campaigns, however, Alahverdian was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma in early 2020, according to NBC 10 News, WPRI News, ABC 6 News, and WPRO News, and he died on February 29, 2020.

What were Nicholas Alahverdian School and College Majors?

We do not have any information about his earlier education institutions but as per his Wikipedia page, he went to Harvard University. we will update this as soon as we know more about him.

Nicholas Alahverdian Net worth, How much does he earn?

We do not know anything about his net worth at this moment. As nothing about his income has been surfaced on the internet. we will update this as soon as we know more about him.

In what relationship does Nicholas Alahverdian currently, reside? Wife, Kids

We assume that  Nicholas Alahverdian is a married man as when he faked his death his widow claimed that His ashes were burned and dispersed at sea.

But nothing no official facts have been found about his marital status as many believe he had a fake widow when he faked his death in 2020.

Does he have a social media presence?

He had a Twitter which was turned into a memorial account when he faked his death in 2020.

Physical Appearance of Nicholas Alahverdian’s Height, Weight

Height N / A
Weight N / A
Hair Black
Eye Colour Brown
Body Type Fit
Sexual Orientation Straight

Interesting facts about Nicholas Alahverdian’s should be known’s

Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Net Worth N / A
Single/ In a relationship N / A  
Current Spouse N / A    
Children’s N / A

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