Who is Mia Solange? Wiki, Biography, Age, Boyfriend, Ezra Miller Girlfriend

Mia Solange is a TikToker, Social media personality, and Influencer. Following their arrest in Hawaii, Ezra Miller gets himself into another scandal. A user who goes by the name Mia Solange on TikTok said that they were dating Miller and that he was violent.

Mia Solange (@miasolange), who uses they/them pronouns, uploaded a series of images supposedly shot in 2019 with the Fantastic Beasts star on a popular TikTok. The photographs, which largely showed Solange and Miller spending time together, suggested that they were dating. The popular sound from the animated film Coraline, in which a figure exclaims, “You are in dreadful peril,” is used in the video.

Solange gave extra insight into the supposed relationship in the caption. While Mia’s tale was initially published publicly on Twitter on April 1, the viral TikTok was released on April 23. Ren (@lotsofgaycrimes), a Twitter user who also uses the pronouns they/them, released screenshots of Instagram communications between them and Solange.

Solange stated Miller was “off his fucking rocker” in the screenshotted exchanges. Solange also claimed in the texts that Miller yelled at a person who was attempting to assist her with her flight and misgendering them during sex.

“We were having sex one night, and despite the fact that he knew I used their pronouns, he caressed my hair and said, ‘Good girl.’” “Keep in mind that I am 19,” they added. Solange said in another message that Miller hasn’t threatened them but that if they got violent, Miller would bite “the shit out of [them].”

Solange said in the Instagram images that Ezra Miller had called them “retard” and “schizophrenic” in the past. Solange also revealed that The Flash actor asked them to Oklahoma to collaborate on a film. Solange’s flight from Hawaii to another state, however, was canceled. The actor is said to have cursed at the guy who was attempting to “repair” Solange’s canceled airplane ticket.

Solange also mentioned additional incidents of assault, such as Ezra Miller allegedly biting her. They also posted a photo of their thighs, which seemed to have bite marks on them. Miller, on the other hand, never had “really threatened” them, according to the TikTok. Solange revealed that during FaceTime chats with Miller, they would give her a “long f**king glance” and urge her to undress.

Who is Mia Solange?

Mia Solange is a Social media personality and Tiktoker. During the time of writing, her Instagram account is deleted.

How old is Mia Solange?

Mia Solange is in her 20s.

Who is Mia Solange’s Boyfriend?

Previously, Mia Solange was in a relationship with Ezra Miller. However, there is not much information about her previous relationship or boyfriend.

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