Who is Brian Ngo? Netflix Show Love Is Blind Contestant

After the first season of Netflix’s Love Is Blind became an instant hit, the show has returned with a second season. Brian Ngo, one of the show’s cast members, holds five jobs. The Love Is Blind star is an advertising strategist, a Marine Corps veteran, a professor, and a doctor of psychology.

He is now making his reality television debut. Brian Ngo works for Columbia College and Wunderman Thompson. He appeared on the show for the first time in the hopes of finding love and a potential partner. The show’s cast members cannot see each other’s faces until they form an emotional connection and can only see each other once they plan to marry. Netflix will release the show on February 11, 2022.

A look at Brian Ngo His life, and his family from a different perspective.

At Columbia College Chicago, Ngo earned a B.A. in public relations and image management. He is the son of Vietnam War refugees who settled in a small rural town on Missouri’s vast plains. He learned about both cultures at a young age, and the value of experiencing, living, and respecting them. Southern New Hampshire University awarded him an M.S. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. He also graduated with honors from Touro University Worldwide, where he earned a Doctor of Psychology degree.

Brian Ngo Marks

While serving as a US Marine, Brian learned the most about culture. During his service, he traveled to thirteen different countries, which piqued his interest in the cultures and ways of life of the people. This passion led him to a career in creative strategy and storytelling.

Brian Ngo makes his reality TV debut On Netflix’s Love Is Blind.

On the show, Brian Ngo makes his reality television debut. He, like the other competitors, has posted a video to Instagram in which he says,

“I tell a lot of bad jokes. I’m not sure- I’m a very outgoing, loud person.”

Brian Ngo also uses Twitter and Tik Tok in addition to Instagram. On Instagram, he has more than a thousand followers. Brian Ngo’s net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million dollars.

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