Where Is Dylan Schumaker Now? Father Who Killed 23-month-old Toddler Son Jailed 25 Years

Dylan Schumaker is currently serving a 25-year life term at the Clinton Prison in New York State for the murder of Ashlee Smith’s 23-month-old baby Austin.

Dylan Schumaker is now serving a life sentence; however, he will be eligible for release in 2031.

During the court proceedings, Dylan wept and told the victim’s mother and Juror that he did not mean to kill Austin. His apologies were rejected by the Supreme Court and Ashlee, who found him guilty of the crime.

Schumaker was convicted and given a 25-year life sentence as the maximum punishment possible. The hearing, which resulted in a 25-year sentence for an American youngster, was heartbreaking by M. William Boller, state supreme court justice.

He claimed that even at the age of 16, a person can still understand what is good and wrong. Boller noted that while punching the toddler, Dylan Schumaker was fully aware of the consequences.

Dylan Schumaker Still In Prison

Dylan Schumaker is now imprisoned in New York State’s Clinton Prison and will be eligible for release in 2031.

Dylan Schumaker’s life sentence was reduced in February 2016 by the Appellate court. He can apply for release after serving 18 years in prison because the judge reduced his sentence to 18 years.

Even if freed, he will spend the rest of his life under the state’s careful watch. During the trial, the judge questioned Schumaker about whether he didn’t mean to kill Austin or felt that doing so wouldn’t be accomplished by continuously beating him.

Dylan Schumaker stated that his only options at this point are to sob and feel regret for what he has done. Schumaker’s conversation was also mentioned, along with the texts he sent to his girlfriend while watching Austin and his brother.

Medical Report Of Austin Smith

Following a medical evaluation, the medical examiner concluded that the child’s injuries were not caused by a fall and slip but rather by several head injuries to the child.

The additional evidence, which included text messages, showed that Austin began inflicting injuries around 5:00 PM and proceeded to do so for the rest of the evening.

The medical examiner determined that the child’s widespread neuronal damage caused no prolonged survival, which resulted in his death.

The evidence highlighted that Austin was frequently attacked as he was sending messages.

According to the evidence, 16-year-old Schumaker was involved in various social and commercial activities in addition to beating the youngster.

Dylan Schumaker Girlfriend: Where Is Ashlee Smith Now?

Ashlee Smith works and lives on Cochran Avenue with her boyfriend Dylan Schumaker. Ashlee works in a restaurant in Springville.

Ashlee’s 23-month-old son was being watched by his boyfriend Dylan, who fatally beat him.

According to Schumaker’s testimony, he hit Austin’s head with a pillow to stop him from sobbing and waking up his infant sibling.

As Schumaker was led into the courtroom for sentencing he cried and said “I didn’t mean to hurt him,  You know how much I love Austin.”

Austin spat the food out, shouted an obscenity, and Schumaker slapped his face and spanked him, the defendant testified during his trial.

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