Wendy Cousins Obituary: Post Office died following wrong conviction

Wendy Cousins Obituary
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Wendy Cousins Obituary, Cause Of Death: Wendy Cousins died after she was convicted of a Post Office’s computer system, known as Horizon fraud, Cousins had been accused of stealing which was later determined that she was innocent. Wendy had worked there for ten years.

In 2019, 39 former post office employees were found guilty of larceny, fraud, and false accounting due to the Horizon accounting system that was found to be defective at the Post Office. The court was informed that the Post Office was unjustly accused of theft or false accounting due to discrepancies in the accounts that were erroneously generated due to a defect in the computer database. All of them were unjustly held accountable for errors that occurred on the Post Office’s Horizon computer system.

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