Walter Mann of Thurso- Highland Death –Cause of Death

Walter Mann passed away unexpectedly on Thursday, January 27, 2022, according to an online obituary. However, the cause of his death was not disclosed.

“I never thought I would write something like this, but yesterday on 27/01/22 our father Walter passed away suddenly while working offshore,” Gary Mann announced via Facebook. “I want to thank everyone who messaged us and reached out to us to offer our condolences, we really appreciate it. We still have a long way to go and we’re so grateful for the support we’ve received. Thank you .”

Feel free to send messages of condolences and prayers for the family and friends of the deceased as it will go a long way during this difficult time for them
Waltman of Thurso, Highland died – Cause of death: Waltman of Thurso was an alumnus of Thurso High School. He is also the former director of Kcadeutang Drilling Ltd.

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