Tylisha Evans Car Accident: 22-Year-Old Payette Man, Died in Fatal Meridian Police Chase Crash

Tylisha Evans Car Accident
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Tylisha Evans Crash: In a tragic incident Tuesday night in Meridian, Idaho, Tylisha Evans died during a police pursuit along Eagle Road. The unfortunate incident also resulted in one man being arrested and several people suffering minor injuries.

The series of events began when police were called around 5:30 p.m. Tylisha Evans and two male associates were allegedly involved in criminal activity in the Village at Meridian. Authorities quickly located the vehicle involved in the incident, which was reported stolen out of Ontario, Oregon.

The police department detailed the fatal chase in a press release, saying: “When the officer activated his emergency lights, the suspect quickly drove into the oncoming lane of E. Longwing Lane and then headed south on Eagle Road, crossed the median. The suspect continued to elude law enforcement in the southbound lane of Eagle Road, reaching speeds of nearly 90 mph.”

As the pursuer approached the tracks, Tylisha Evans suddenly turned left and crossed the median into northbound traffic, causing a collision with multiple vehicles. Tragically, Tylisha Evans died at the scene.

The victim, Tylisha Evans, 22, of Payette, died of multiple blunt force injuries, the Ada County Coroner’s Office confirmed. The incident was a poignant reminder of the dangers that can arise during police pursuits.

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