Tyler1’s Fans Are Dissatisfied With His Relationship With Macaiyla


Tyler “Tyler1” Steinkamp is a popular Twitch broadcaster. Gaming has brought him a lot of popularity and notoriety as one of League Of Legends’ most recognizable stars. To top it all off, it aided him in his relationship with his girlfriend, Macaiyla. In November 2020, the pair will celebrate their fourth anniversary in front of a large crowd. However, a sizable segment of his followers continues to oppose the two, and there was a point when Macaiyla faced a lot of vitriol from them.

Macaiyla Speaks Out Against Hateful Fans

Tyler1 acquired the streaming itch once he started dating Macaiyla. It didn’t take long for some of his admirers to start following her as well. However, although it provided her with a great audience as many people came to engage with her and inquire about her partner, it also brought with it troubles. Tyler rose to prominence due to his toxic conduct while gaming/streaming and a large section of his followers and fans found enjoyment in watching him or trolling. Many of his supporters were upset that he was dating Macaiyla, which caused some problems.

Tyler1 and his girlfriend

One such occurrence was when her second Twitter account was widely publicized and suspended. She started a discussion about the mass reporting on Tyler’s subreddit and raged about the harsh comments she got. Reporting in large numbers. I haven’t uttered anything negative in weeks. I respond to hatred, and my comments aren’t always the kindest, but none of my tweets have been edgy recently. I’m not even cruel to people in general, except when I respond to edgy hate tweets. But obviously, it qualifies me as a b*tch. It’s Reddit reporting me and other individuals who just don’t like me. That’s not surprising.

The girlfriend then expressed her wish to be done with Tyler’s fandom, claiming that all of her efforts had gone unrewarded. She also said that she would no longer be answering inquiries about him and that she was attempting to distance herself from her boyfriend’s fan network. Because of the abuse, she was receiving on Twitter, she said that she would not be returning to the site now that her second account had been disabled. She was even staying away from Reddit in an effort to separate herself from the streamer’s followers. She was still active on Reddit at times, but she essentially wanted “nothing to do with Tyler’s supporters anymore.”

Tyler1 and Macaiyla, his girlfriend, are they married?

Tyler and his girlfriend went to Turtle Bay on Oahu to get away from the constant streaming. When her fans inquired about their activities in Hawaii, she disclosed that Tyler proposed. “Oh, Tyler proposed, and now we’re married.” T and I! We got married after three years of dating.” However, it’s difficult to know if she was speaking the truth. One of Tyler’s twitch stream’s long-running pranks has been Macaiyla claiming she was pregnant to irritate him. She had previously teased her fans by claiming that she had cheated on Tyler with her brother.


“I don’t know how to tell you guys this, but I’ve been unfaithful,” she said in one of her YouTube live streams. She went on to say that this interaction had placed between her and another streamer before she announced she had slept with Tyler1’s brother. “I’m very sorry. I just want a taller guy “She slammed the door. Obviously, the statement was nothing more than a prank she made to mock her boyfriend’s fans—those who are rooting for their relationship to fail.

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