Tekken 8 Teaser EVO 2022 Leaked on twitter, reddit, Instagram

Tekken 8 Teaser EVO 2022

Today, Bandai Namco dropped many’s thought processes were initial feelings of Tekken 8 following the terrific finale of the EVO 2022 Tekken 7 Championship. The bother incorporates Kazuya Mishima’s closure from Tekken 1, trailed by a scoffing single picture of Kazuya saying “prepare”, displayed underneath.

Assuming that is truly what the following Tekken possesses a flavor like, Bandai Namco isn’t exactly prepared to pronounce it conclusively, Tekken 7 actually has some life in it. As a matter of fact, we’ve proactively seen the arrival of the free Tekken 7 battle update on August 17, promising “balance changes” and “new strategies.”

Furthermore, we’ve heard that the 2022 Tekken World Tour will come full circle in the Global Finals in Amsterdam on February 4-5, 2023. Coincidentally, the victor of the Tekken 7 Championship is Knee from South Korea, who crushed Khan from Pakistan in the finals.

Tekken 7 unquestionably did very well after its delivery in 2015, and if you need to get ready for a potential Tekken 8 delivery, you can snatch its ancestor for PC, PS4, or Xbox One.

Coincidentally, the Tekken vivified series will be delivered on Netflix in a couple of days, with perfect timing for the publicity encompassing the new game trailer.

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