Steven Alembik Obituary: Republican Activist Shoots Wife, Kills Self At Delray Beach BurgerFi

Steven Alembik Obituary
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Steven Alembik Obituary: Prominent Pro-Trump Republican takes own life after injuring wife in BurgerFi shooting. Prominent Republican supporter of Donald Trump shot his wife many times before turning the gun to himself in the parking lot of a Florida burger joint.

The wife of political activist Steven Alembik reportedly went into the restaurant “bleeding profusely” after being shot and begged patrons to call for help, according to the police. The activist remained in his car and “took his own life” there with a gun.

Delray Beach BurgerFi Shooting

A prominent pro-Trump Republican activist shoots his wife multiple times and then turns the gun on himself in the parking lot of a Florida burger restaurant.

Police say that, after being shot, the wife of political activist Steven Alembik ran into the restaurant “bleeding profusely” and begging for someone to call paramedics. The activist stayed in his car, where he “took his own life” with his gun.

According to police, he shot his wife “in the back and arm” — and she is currently fighting for her life “in critical condition.”

Alembik was a major Republican donor, a die-hard supporter of Donald Trump, and stirred controversy by calling President Obama a “Muslim n*gger” and tweeting that “Ruth Bader Ginsburg can’t die soon enough.”

He was a regular guest at Mar-a-Lago — and had close ties to President Trump and other Republican leaders like Florida Senator Rick Scott and Florida Governor DeSantis.

Shockingly, prominent Trumper Laura Loomer praised the murderous activist today, declaring that he was a “wonderful and kindhearted man” — despite the fact that he had just attempted to kill his wife.

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