Steve Snider Death: Tatum TX, died car accident near Lee Creek grocery

Steve Snider Death
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Steve Snider Death – A Tatum, Texas father has tragically passed away Monday. Steve Snider a father of one and dedicated partner died in a hit-and-run accident at Lee Creek grocery in Henderson, Texas. According to reports, the deadly motorcycle accident happened Monday. Law enforcement agencies are currently on the hunt for the suspect who struck Steve as he rode on his motorcycle.

A prayer request has been made for the remaining family of Steve as they go through this time. Steve is was fondly addressed as Wolf Man around his localities and has been described as a loving father and an active community member. Christian Motivational Speaker Tammy Whitehurst wrote;

Davis and I would like to give special recognition to an unforgettable friend who we will miss in many ways. From waving to us from the audience while we are in the choir on Sundays to laughing with us at Wednesday night meals.

Funny. Loud. Giggling. Grinning. Hard huggin. Jesus lovin. Long-haired shaggy and adorable Wolfman (aka Steve Snider) ran into the arms of Jesus in the wee hours of the morning. He was always bragging about his girls, Lana and Emily, whom he lovingly called Butterfly.

I never saw him I did not HEAR him first. His loud voice could enter a room way before his body did. (We loud folks gotta stick together.) You could hear him across the parking lot at church. He had a thick head of hair and was hard-headed at times. Wolfman, I will see you at the gates of Gloryland one day and I want you to greet me with that LOUD voice and a huge hug.

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