St. Paul Accident 6-car incident injures one, blocks lanes

St. Paul Accident – One person was reported injured after a 6-vehicle accident that took place on the East Side of St. Paul which prompted the authorities to temporarily halt traffic on the westbound lanes of Interstate 94. The event was held on the East Side of the city and featured a total of six different automobiles as participants. A report of the accident was forwarded to the officers who were already there at the scene of the collision as soon as the occurrence took place.

Officials Statement

After 7:30 in the evening, the roadway between White Bear Avenue and Route 61 was shut down so that crews could clean up the accident site. This was done in order to prevent further traffic congestion. The important road that was located the closest was Route 61. Along Route 61 is where you’ll find the hamlet that makes up White Bear Township. On the other hand, the path has been reopened to traffic, which means that tourists can make use of it once more.

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