Skylee Kerbs Obituary: South Jordan, Utah, died by suicide

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Skylee Kerbs Death – Skylee Kerbs, a South Jordan Middle School student has reportedly passed away, according to local websites on social media. According to these claims, Skylee was said to have died by suicide. Skylee was the granddaughter of Benjamin “Ben” Ward Kerbs who earlier passed away on October 26, 2023, following a drowning accident.

Ben Kerbs Obituary

The news of Skylee’s passing has not yet been confirmed by any of the family as a funeral service was held for Ben on Friday, November 17, 2023. As individuals cope with the possibility of losing a classmate, situations like these highlight the significance of supporting one another as they go through this difficult time. It is time for the community to come together in a show of solidarity while we wait for official confirmation and facts regarding this awful tragedy.

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