Silvina Luna Obituary, Former Reality TV Star Has Cause Of Death

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Silvina Luna Obituary, Death – Argentine actress Silvina Luna, a beloved figure in the entertainment industry, tragically passed away in Buenos Aires at the age of 43. Her untimely death was the result of a prolonged battle with kidney failure, a condition she had been struggling with since 2011 when she experienced complications from a plastic surgery procedure.

Her lawyer, Fernando Burlando, confirmed the heart-wrenching news of her passing, revealing that, after consulting with medical experts, her family made the difficult decision to disconnect her from life support, as her condition had deteriorated to the point where intubation was once again necessary. Silvina Luna’s close friend, actor Gustavo Conti, expressed his love and grief on Instagram, writing, “We’ve always loved you; we’ll always love you; we’ve gone down the same roads; we’re always together in my heart because you are my chosen family.”

The circumstances surrounding Luna’s death are particularly distressing. Her health had been in decline for many years, and she had spent considerable time in and out of hospitals. The root cause of her numerous health issues was traced back to a cosmetic surgery performed in 2011 by the disgraced doctor Anibal Lotocki, who now faces prosecution for malpractice.

Silvina Luna, once a reality TV star, had faced the daunting challenge of requiring a kidney transplant. To sustain her life, she had to endure the grueling routine of three dialysis sessions each week, each lasting four hours. Her passing is a tragic loss for the entertainment world, and her memory will be cherished by those who loved and admired her.

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