Shirley Fontanez and Fred Death: Maselli NYPD died in a murder-suicide

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Shirley Fontanez And Fred Maselli Death: A New York Police Department officer is claimed to have shot and killed his fiancée, who was 19 years old, before turning the pistol on himself in the flat they shared on Henry Hudson Parkway. Frederic Maselli, 40, was a veteran of the New York Police Department who had served for seven years.

He shot his fiancée, Shirley Fontanez, five times, three times in the stomach and twice in the head, before turning the gun on himself and firing one shot into his skull using a 9-millimeter revolver. The bodies weren’t discovered until 1 p.m. on Monday, when officers from Mr. Maselli’s precinct, the 34th in Washington Heights, came looking for him because he didn’t show up for work and didn’t answer his mobile phone. A few neighbors, including Isidor Marcus, heard the gunshots, but the bodies weren’t located until then.

On the evening of July 20, Ms. Fontanez went out with friends to La Marina, which is located close to where she lives in Washington Heights. On Saturday, Mr. Maselli allegedly called Ms. Fontanez and accused her of being with another guy. He accused the phone. According to Ms. Espinoza, Mr. Maselli placed multiple calls to her daughter’s phone on Saturday.

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