Shasta Gilmore Murder, Randall Gilmore Suicide Outside Grain Valley Daycare

Shasta Gilmore Murder
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Shasta Gilmore Obituary: Two dead in apparent murder-suicide outside daycare in Grain Valley. The victims were identified as Shasta Gilmore, 33 years old, and Randal Gilmore, 31 years old. According to reports, Shasta Gilmore was shot and killed by her husband in a murder-suicide outside a daycare in Grain Valley, MO.

Randal Gilmore died from self-inflicted gunshot injuries. “My heart goes out to the kids of Shasta and Randal Gilmore, who lost their parents on Monday at their daycare.” Thoughts and prayers are with their family during this difficult time.

How did the incident happen?

At nearly 6 p.m. on Monday, November 13, 2023, the Grain Valley Police Department (GVPD) received a dispatch regarding gunfire in the parking lot of Milestone Academy, a daycare facility. Upon reaching the scene, officers found two individuals deceased in the parking lot.

Randal B. Gilmore Death

The incident was identified as an isolated domestic occurrence, leading to a tragic murder-suicide involving a husband and wife. This distressing incident transpired shortly before the facility’s scheduled closing time.

Unfortunately, it is reported that the children of the couple were witnesses to the event, along with other attendees and staff at the daycare awaiting pickup by their parents or guardians.

Shasta C. Gilmore Death

“Moving forward, the children are a primary concern,” Grain Valley Police Chief Ed Turner said. “We are working with our area partners to provide wrap-around services to the children, family, and community.

I commend the men and women of the Grain Valley Police Department for their fast response to the scene. Officers were quick to separate the children and provide comfort to everyone involved. Please contact the police department for help or Hope House at 816-461-HOPE(4673).” The daycare is expected to open on Wednesday.

If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence, please know there are various resources available to assist individuals in difficult situations.

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