Sharon Arries and Jacorien Vaaltyn of Albertinia’s Death, 9, Two Girl Went Missing And Were Found Dead In A Shack Backyard

Two girls went missing on Wednesday, who were later identified as Sharon Arries and Jacorien Vaaltyn of Albertinia, both aged nine, their bodies were found on Thursday evening.

The two girls, Sharon Arries And Jacorien Maurelieere were found dead in a shack in an unidentified person’s backyard on Thursday evening, after reported missing.

A 53-year-old man is alleged to be involved in this incident.Speaking to IOL News on Friday morning, Hessaqua mayor, Grant Riddles said the murders had gripped the community.

There has been speculation the girls may have been raped, but post-mortem tests will need to be conducted. The case is still on Investigation to discover the cause of their death. May their souls rest in peace.

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