Sean Salisbury Car Accident- Obituary, Mother Wants Justice after Daughter Mickayla Linn’s Death

Sean Salisbury Car Accident

Sean Salisbury will also be spending three weekends in jail at the Saunders County Law Enforcement and Judicial Center in Wahoo after killing Mickayla Linn in a boating accident.

Salisbury was sentenced to two misdemeanor counts of negligent boat operation. He will also spend two years on probation and pay $1,500 in fines.

On July 9, 2012, Salisbury was piloting a boat at Woodcliff Lakes in Saunders County, pulling an inner tube that was being ridden by Mickayla Linn, 21, of Omaha. The tube was pulled too close to a parked boat and collided with it. Linn was taken by ambulance to Fremont Area Medical Center. Despite efforts to revive her, she was pronounced dead.

Prosecutors dropped a manslaughter charge against Salisbury because he was not drunk and has no criminal history.
If Salisbury would have been driving a car, he would have been charged with misdemeanor motor vehicle homicide, but as under Nebraska law, there is no equivalent charge for boating.
“We can only operate within the laws that are given to us,” Tingelhoff said.

To guarantee a conviction, prosecutors had to settle for misdemeanors and a plea deal. Linn wants lawmakers to change that.

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