Ryan Furtado Accident, Peloton rider killed after bike fell

Ryan Furtado Accident
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Ryan Furtado, 32, a customer success manager, was killed when the high-end interactive stationary bike toppled over and sliced open his carotid artery, leaving the beloved customer success manager to bleed out on the floor of his Downtown Brooklyn home.

A mother is suing Peloton alleging one of the fitness company’s exercise bikes fell on her son and sliced open his neck, killing him instantly.

Ryan Furtado Lawsuit

According to the lawsuit, filed in March by Johanna Furtado in Kings County Supreme Court, 32-year-old Ryan Furtado was found dead in his Brooklyn apartment on Jan. 13, 2022, with the Peloton on top of his neck and face.

Ryan Furtado bought himself the popular stationary bike in July 2021 when sales were still booming from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Ryan Furtado Accident

The family of a New York man claims he was killed by a Peloton bike six months after he bought it, according to a lawsuit filed in state court.

The New Yorker was grabbing the bike as he stood up from the floor when the bike suddenly spun and severed his carotid artery, killing him “on the spot,” the lawsuit said.

In response, Peloton responded that Furtado’s negligence led to his death and the company did not bear legal responsibility.

Who was Ryan Furtado?

Ryan Furtado was a University of Redlands graduate from New York who died in a freak accident involving his Peloton bike in January 2022. His mother, Johanna Furtado, is now suing Peloton for wrongful death.

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