Rick Wildt Obituary: What Happened to Buck Global Business Leader

Rick Wildt Death
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Rick Wildt Death Claims – On Thursday, December 7, 2023, reports reaching the public suggested the apparent death of Buck Global business leader, Rick Wildt. However, till now, no substantial information or evidence has been revealed supporting the death claims hence the skepticism of members of the public towards the news. No family member, associate or friend of Rick Wildt has come forward to authenticate the information and support these death claims.

About Rick Wildt

Throughout the course of his prosperous career, Rick has been working in partnership with company executives from a wide range of sectors and geographical locations to deliver consulting services in the areas of talent management strategy, human resource management, and organizational performance. He is a natural leader who focuses on international human resources and benefits, mergers and acquisitions, culture and talent engagement, and change management. He assists organizations in aligning their investments in people, programs, processes, and technology with their overall business strategy in order to enhance the culture of the company and drive better business performance.

Rick frequently assists firms in the process of formulating their plans for workforce management and worldwide expansion. Additionally, he is frequently hired to lead complicated commercial transactions and/or corporate restructurings, to generate considerable shareholder value and ensure sustainable growth.

His current role is to oversee Buck’s International Consulting and Global Mergers and Acquisitions practices. Before joining Buck, Rick worked for Deloitte Consulting for sixteen wonderful years as a Principal in their Human Capital practice. During that time, he held several key leadership positions, including his role as the Talent, Performance, and Rewards Practice Leader for the Northeast and West Regions, his membership on the Human Capital M&A Leadership Team, and his position as the Human Capital Dean for Deloitte Consulting’s undergraduate new hire program.

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