Report of armed person at Viera fair prompts shooting scare in Florida today

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Viera Fair Shooting Scare – There have been multiple reports about a person with a long gun at the Viera fair in Florida today. According to unconfirmed sources, as the suspect was running across the road he was hit by a car and allegedly suffered 2 broken legs. The suspect is reportedly in custody at the time of this publication.

Viera Suntree Little League
Dear VSLL Families,
We wanted to bring to your attention that an isolated incident occurred at VRP Friday night that has understandably raised concerns among our baseball and softball families.
There was an incident at the apartment complex next to the VRP and a man was seen running through our facilities carrying a firearm. This incident did not directly have anything to do with our facilities, league or participants. The response time by our law enforcement was commendable along with our volunteers and families finding the appropriate shelter.
This incident was resolved quickly and the individual in question was apprehended. At this time it has been determined that the park was not a target, rather a place to go after a domestic dispute.
We are in contact with the county and sheriff’s office to ensure that we take all necessary steps to maintain a safe environment for everyone. Your peace of mind is essential to us, and we will continue to work diligently to provide a secure and enjoyable experience at VRP.
VSLL Board of Directors

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