Reginald Manual Obituary, Death – Young Father Shot And Killed At Easter Gathering

Reginald Manual Obituary, Death

Reginald Manual Death: Young Father Shot And Killed At Easter Gathering in Clayton County
A shooting at Easter gathering in Clayton County has left a 19-year-old young father dead.

Officers responded to a report of a shooting in the 200 block of Valley Hill Road at approximately 12:22 a.m., on Sunday, April 17, 2022.

Reginald Manual Cause of Death

In this issue, we do not know what led to his death, which may never be revealed. But when details about him become available, it will make headlines for everyone who wants to read them!

We are all thinking of you during this difficult time. We hope that God can provide strength and courage to those who grieve the loss of you because there is nothing more painful than losing someone close to you in this tragic situation. ”

Reginald Manual Obituary

Reginald Manual, an obituary, has been released for him. His family and friends are in our prayers during this difficult time. Still, unfortunately, we have not yet received any updates about funeral arrangements for the dead person.

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