Ranjith Varma Obituary: Victim Dies Attempting Grueling Hike At Grand Canyon

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Ranjith Varma, aged 55, passed away shortly after emergency services were alerted to a distressed hiker on the North Kaibab Trail. The distress call was received around 2 p.m. as Varma was attempting to hike from the South Rim to the North Rim within the Arizona section of the expansive national park.

In a recent news release, the National Park Service reported that Varma, a resident of Manassas, experienced a medical emergency approximately one mile south of Cottonwood Campground. Following the emergency call, bystanders promptly initiated CPR as Varma became unresponsive. In a daring operation, rescuers made their way to Varma via helicopter, as reported by the agency.

The skilled rangers had to execute specialized maneuvers in order to facilitate advanced life support efforts. According to the National Park Service (NPS), efforts to revive the hiker proved to be unsuccessful.

In a tragic turn of events, the hiker met his untimely demise in the vicinity of the North Rim, the very location he had set his sights on to complete his arduous journey. The Rim-to-Rim walk, spanning a challenging distance of 24 miles in a single direction, is renowned for its difficulty. According to a recommendation by the National Park Foundation, the rim-to-rim hike in Grand Canyon National Park is considered a classic bucket-list adventure. According to the individual, the task at hand is not an easy one.

Ranjith Varma Cause of Death

The cause of Varma’s death remains undisclosed, however, the park service has issued a warning regarding the extreme temperatures that can exceed 120 degrees in shaded areas of the trail during the summer months. On Saturday, the temperature at Grand Canyon National Park Airport, which is conveniently located just a 25-minute drive away from the South Rim, failed to reach the 90-degree mark.

According to the National Park Service (NPS), park rangers are strongly advised against hiking in the inner canyon during the hottest hours of the day, specifically between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. Additionally, the NPS suggests avoiding hiking at 4 p.m. During the summer months, hikers should be aware that there may be delays in the efforts to assist them.

This is primarily due to a few factors, including limited staffing, a high volume of rescue calls, employee safety protocols, and restricted helicopter flight capacity in hot weather conditions. In recent days, there has been a surge in extreme or inclement weather conditions. An investigation is currently underway into the death, with the Coconino County Medical Examiner providing assistance.

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