Purple Aki aka Death; Body Builder With Criminal Record In North West England Died

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Purple Aki aka Death: Purple Aki, a prominent British figure renowned for his distinctive reputation, has met an untimely demise shrouded in mystery. Akinwale Oluwafolajimi Oluwatope Arobieke, famously known as Purple Aki, emerged as a prominent figure in North West England.

Purple Aki, who was he?

Akinwale Arobieke, also known as “Purple Aki,” has become a well-known figure in North West England due to his criminal record. Purple Aki, with an imposing height of 6 feet 5 inches (1.96 metres) and a weight of 22 stones (310 pounds or 140 kilogrammes), certainly caught the attention of onlookers.

In a series of incidents, he gained notoriety for his atypical conduct of initiating conversations with younger males, focusing on the topic of weight training. In his interactions, he frequently engaged in physical contact and conducted measurements of their muscles. Additionally, he extended invitations for them to perform squats while bearing his substantial body weight.

A Career Filled with Controversy Purple Aki, a name that has become synonymous with controversy, has had a career that has both fascinated and divided public opinion. Known for his imposing physique and alleged obsession with touching the muscles of

In 2006, the Liverpool Magistrates’ Court issued a Sexual Offences Prevention Order in response to Purple Aki’s actions, which were initially perceived as having a sexual motive. The order, which placed restrictions on his interactions with others, has garnered considerable attention to his case. In a noteworthy development, it must be emphasised that Purple Aki has never been found guilty of a sexual offence.

In September 2016, an online documentary titled “The Man Who Squeezes Muscles: Searching for Purple Aki” was released by the BBC Three channel. In this documentary, we explore the life of Arobieke and the widespread attention he garnered. In a subsequent development, Purple Aki, a prominent figure, filed a formal complaint with the Merseyside Police.

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