Patrick Peterson’s Wife Worked Tirelessly During Pandemic


Patrick Peterson has been married to his wife, Dr. Antonique Peterson, since 2012. They have two children, Paityn, a girl, and Parker, a boy. Because Peterson’s Wife is a doctor, she was on the front lines when the COVID-19 epidemic broke out. She began by working a twelve-hour shift six days a week, treating a small number of COVID-19 patients who were only minimally afflicted. In May 2020, she was admitted to the ICU to treat severely sick patients, where she saw the pandemic’s dangers firsthand.

During the Pandemic, Patrick Peterson’s wife worked tirelessly.

Antonique was not only a doctor but also a mother of two small children when she returned home from work. She managed to balance parenting and her job. “It’s impressive for her to be able to handle all of that,” Peterson told the Arizona Cardinals’ official website on May 29, 2020.  However, the NFL star said that his partner’s workplace predicament had put his family through a “very, very difficult moment.”

After returning from her employment at a nearby hospital, his wife had to be extra cautious, taking all essential steps. Peterson supported his wife’s job and made the appropriate preparations for her to properly sanitize. After she got home from work, she’d walk via the garage and backyard to the guesthouse and shower. She also got a mini-locker area where she could store her medical attire. According to Peterson, his wife taught their daughter Paityn about the gravity of the issue. She also made certain that her diabetic spouse took all necessary steps to prevent acquiring the infection.

Patrick Peterson Described His Wife as a Hero.

On March 31, 2020, the football star shared a photo of his wife on Instagram in honor of National Doctor’s Day. In the caption, he thanked her for her heroic work throughout the epidemic. “Not all heroes wear capes,” he started his long write-up, adding, “Mine wears a white coat.”

Peterson then noted how physicians all throughout the globe were on the front lines, assisting everyone in the battle against the epidemic. Toward the conclusion of his book, Peterson asked everyone to do their bit to safeguard “our physicians” and those who work in hospitals and medical institutions. During an interview with ESPN in June 2020, he expressed similar comments. He explained how disregard for the rules and hygiene would affect everyone in the household.

Patrick Peterson
Patrick Peterson wife

In his own words, dealing with the infection required caution and sanitation. Peterson also noted how his family members made certain that everyone in their home was protected. According to his claims, the Peterson family adhered to social distance norms, cleaned the surfaces on a regular basis, and washed their hands as often as feasible. Similarly, his wife took cautious precautions by quarantining her patients in the family’s guesthouse until they tested negative on the COVID-19 test. At the conclusion of the conversation, Peterson expressed optimism that the health crisis will “rollover” soon, allowing everyone to resume their usual lives.

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