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Pasionaye is the mother of Tyga, a well-known rapper. Pasionaye was also the sole supporter of Tyga. Tyga’s mum lives with her son at the moment. Pasionaye’s net worth is believed to be $5 million. The woman’s face is still obscured by the backlight. Micheal Stevenson was Pasionaye’s boyfriend at the time. The couple did not marry, although they were in a long-term relationship. The deck below has further information about Pasionaye. So please bear with us! Let’s take a look at some of Pasionaye Nguyen’s brief facts before we dive into her life!

What is the net worth of Pasionaye Nguyen?

Pasionaye Nguyen son Tyga, on the other hand, is said to be worth $3 million. Furthermore, a video surfaced in which Tyga said that his mother is wealthy and owns a Range Rover. However, it was later revealed that Tyga was simply being sarcastic in the video.

Pasionaye’s son Tyga, for the record, has a slew of high-end automobiles. Mercedes-Benz, Maybach, and Lamborghini are among them. Tyga, on the other hand, lives a lavish lifestyle. Tyga also gave Nguyen a Range Rover Evoque, which costs roughly $54,000. Pasionaye is currently living with her son Tyga.

Childhood and education

Pasionaye Nguyen is a Vietnamese actress who was born in 1971. Nguyen is of Afro-American descent. Despite the fact that Tyga’s mother is half Vietnamese, she is an American citizen. In addition, Nguyen is Kim Nguyen’s daughter. Kim was born on this day in 1944. Pasionaye’s mother is a native Vietnamese speaker who isn’t fluent in English. Cece Nguyen, Nguyen’s older sister, is also a model.

Pasionaye gave birth to Tyga in November 1989. Tyga was reared in a low-income Compton neighborhood. Nguyen raised Tyga in Compton until he was 12 years old, after which he moved to Gardena, California.

Relationship status

Micheal Stevenson was Pasionaye’s boyfriend at the time. The couple dated for a couple of years but never married. The couple did, however, have a child together, and that child’s name is Tyga. When it came to Nguyen’s husband, Micheal, he had a horrible name in Compton. Micheal was also facing multiple accusations and was incarcerated for the most part. Nguyen and Micheal eventually split up due to the disrespect and violence.

Following that, there is no information about Nguyen’s relationships. As a result, we can conclude that she has dedicated her life to raising Tyga and is a proud mother, as Tyga is a successful American artist.

Body Measurement  of Pasionaye Nguyen

Pasionaye is currently 48 years old. Black is the color of the superstar’s mother’s eyes and hair bot. Nguyen is a tall man, standing at 5’4″.

Social media

Despite the fact that Pasionaye does not have a social media account, she can be seen in many of Tyga’s posts. The superstar’s mother does not appear to be very active on social media.

She also doesn’t have a social media account on any of the major platforms. Her son Tyga, on the other hand, is quite active on social media and has a large following. Tyga is a well-known celebrity with 16.5 million Instagram followers.

Pasionaye Nguyen: Quick Facts

Birth Name: Pasionaye Nguyen
Birth Place: Compton, California
Mother: Kim Nguyen
Spouse: Micheal Stevenson
Ethnicity: African- American
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Black
Nationality: American
Children: Micheal Ray Stevenson(Tyga)

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