Nompilo Dlamini Death: Cystic Fibrosis, Popular social media star passed away

Nompilo Dlamini Death
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Nompilo Dlamini Obituary, Cause Of Death: Popular social media star Popular social media star Nompilo Dlamini has sadly passed away. She died after battling with Cystic Fibrosis at the age of 29 surrounded by her beloved family who will forever miss her. She was announced dead by her family through a post made on Tuesday 31st October 2023 that says ” Dear family and friends…Nompilo passed peacefully in her sleep last night. As a family we are still digesting the news and will update you about funeral arrangements in due course”.

Who was Nompilo Dlamini?

Nompilo Dlamini was a courageous fighter who was battling the unrelenting challenges that cystic fibrosis imposes on her life. She has not only transcended the limitations imposed by her health, but by her endurance, she has also cultivated a legacy of courage, hope, and drive in those around her. The personality of Nompilo Dlamini, which was marked by an unyielding resolve and an infectious zest for life, resonates as a tremendous force that transcends the confines of her physical constraints.

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