Nicholas Caban, Charged With Felony Weapon Counts

Nicholas Caban, Charged With Felony Weapon Counts

Police are still investigating precisely what occurred early on Saturday morning on a public beach next to luxury mansions.

A resident named Matt Ascaridis, 45, challenged two individuals over noise at one in the morning. Around five in the morning, police received two complaints regarding a body in the water.

“We do know that he did leave his home he confronted these individuals,” said Lake County Major Crimes Task Force Spokesman Christopher Covelli. “There was a violent encounter that occurred between a 45-year-old man, a 20-year-old and an 18-year-old.”

As a result, the two young men ended up in the hospital. The residence of Nicholas Caban, 20, was searched as a result of a police inquiry, and a gun with a scratched-off serial number was discovered inside. Although a gun was not used and it was not a robbery in the event with Ascaridis, he was charged with a felony weapons count for that.

Rick Lynn frequently walks along the trails of the former Fort Sheridan arsenal, as do many others in the neighborhood. He is troubled by what transpired.

“I am distraught. I am disturbed. I could cry about it,” Lynn said. “It is like road rage, but for housing. We don’t need that. Life is more precious than that.”

The public beach in Fort Sheridan is bordered by a few private homes in Highland Park. People who use the public space reported that parties frequently last late into the night and that noise complaint from nearby residents are rather frequent.

Dani, Lynn’s dog, and other people are present.

“I know those people who live down there. They are really bothered by the amount of young people who have parties down there, and they are also very generous and not complaining about it,”

Beatrice Grevers, a regular dog walker, stated.

A close family acquaintance stated the deceased guy was a well-known retirement planner and hockey coach in the area, and that he had a wife and two young children.

Caban remained in detention, while the incident’s 18-year-old victim is receiving treatment in a hospital. Police said they anticipate filing more charges in the upcoming days.

“We’re very close to Highland Park. Nonetheless, we are very sensitive to the fact that communities around that area have been through a tremendous amount recently,” Covelli said.

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