Monica Villani and Kurt Villani Death, two killed in Rainbow Bridge car crash

Monica Villani and Kurt Villani Death
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Monica Villani and Kurt Villani Car Accident: Monica Villani and Kurt Villani Jr., of Grand Island, New York, and the owners of Gui’s Lumber Ace Hardware have reportedly passed away in a deadly car explosion. Gui’s Lumber Ace Hardware store was founded in 1987 as a family business by Gail and the late Kurt Villani Sr., originally in the Town of Niagara, and is a certified woman-owned company. They are an ACE Hardware Store and a full-service lumber yard.

What happened to Monica Villani and Kurt Villani?

The FBI confirmed on Wednesday night that no explosives or evidence of terrorism was discovered in the deadly explosion that occurred close to the New York-Canadian border after a car went airborne. Niagara Falls police have been tasked with conducting a traffic investigation into the incident.

Minutes before 11:30 a.m., authorities said, a fiery event on the Rainbow Bridge, which connects Canada and the United States, claimed the lives of two occupants of the car. The event happened on one of the busiest travel days in the United States, when people were traveling for Thanksgiving across the nation and there was an increased level of awareness because of the holiday. It took some time to identify those who had died in the tragedy.

Rainbow Bridge explosion/ Car Accident

At a press conference on Wednesday night, Governor Kathy Hochul revealed that one of them was from western New York. Contrary to some early accounts that it had originated in Canada, the car collided, caught fire, and exploded on the U.S. side of the border. Officials have stated that the vehicle was moving at a fast speed. According to a law enforcement official, a Customs and Border Protection employee received minor medical attention at a hospital before being discharged.

Shortly after the collision, the Erie County executive announced that all bridge crossings from western New York into the United States were closed. Later, Hochul declared that all bridges were back in service.

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