Mohamed Al Fayed Obituary: Former Harrods Owner, Dies at 94

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Mohamed Al Fayed Obituary: The family of Mohamed Al Fayed, the Egyptian billionaire, revealed that he passed away on Wednesday. This unfortunate event occurred just one day prior to the 26th anniversary of the tragic Paris car crash that claimed the lives of his son, Dodi, and Princess Diana.

In a remarkable milestone, the individual in question has reached the impressive age of 94 years. Former department store magnate, Al Fayed, was laid to rest on Friday at the Regent’s Park mosque in London, as reported by Al Jazeera Egypt. According to a statement from the family, Mrs. Mohamed Al Fayed, along with her children and grandchildren, has confirmed the passing of her beloved husband, father, and grandfather, Mohamed.

The statement revealed that Mohamed peacefully passed away due to old age on Wednesday, August 30, 2023. In a stunning turn of events, the user has declared their allegiance to the Guardian. In a heartwarming turn of events, he experienced a lengthy and fulfilling retirement, finding solace in the company of his beloved family members.

Al Fayed, the former owner of the renowned British department store Harrods, as well as Fulham Football Club, held ownership of these prominent establishments in the past. In a tragic incident that occurred on August 31, 1997, Dodi, the eldest son of an individual, lost his life alongside Princess Diana in a fatal crash in Paris. Remarkably, this devastating event took place almost precisely 26 years after the passing of Dodi’s father. In 1929, Mohamed Al-Fayed came into the world in Roshdy,

Alexandria, Egypt. According to the UK Independent, Saudi journalist Samira Khashoggi was married to him in 1954. Dodi was born a year later. In a remarkable turn of events, the individual went on to establish a prominent shipping company. However, their journey took an unexpected twist when they crossed paths with the esteemed former ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum. Recognizing their potential, Sheikh Rashid enlisted their expertise to contribute to the development of the rapidly expanding city.

During the 1960s, he made a significant relocation to the United Kingdom. Fast forward to 1979, when he made a notable acquisition – the renowned Ritz Hotel in Paris. Remarkably, he retained ownership of this esteemed establishment until his unfortunate passing.

In a recent report, it was revealed that earlier this year, his wealth was estimated to be a staggering $2 billion, placing him at the 1,493rd spot on the list of the world’s wealthiest individuals. In a tragic turn of events, it has been revealed that her son, who had been a close friend of Princess Diana for nearly ten years, embarked on a romantic relationship with her during a vacation on a yacht in the south of France. This ill-fated romance occurred mere weeks before the untimely demise of the beloved princess.

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