Mike Bidwell Obituary: Neighborly Chief Executive Officer Died

Mike Bidwell Obituary
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Mike Bidwell Obituary: Neighborly’s president and chief executive officer, Mike Bidwell, passed away. On September 7, 2023, a resident of Waco, Texas, named Mike Bidwell, was declared deceased.

Mike was the first multi-concept franchise owner for the business and a successful and forward-thinking franchisee. He was an excellent manager and a successful businessperson. Mike Bidwell’s death was not given a cause.

Who was Mike Bidwell?

Mike Bidwell, a seasoned leader, played a pivotal role in Neighborly’s journey as its Chief Executive Officer. His illustrious career within Neighborly encompassed visionary franchisee success and leadership at multiple levels.

Mike’s influence was recognized right away as the president of three Neighbourly subsidiary franchise companies. His amazing rise began in 2000 when Neighbourly hired him as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) after spotting his abilities.

Notably, Mike was given the title of President in 2007, elevating his position inside the company. In January 2014, he was named President and CEO of Neighbourly, marking the pinnacle of his career and a testament to his remarkable leadership skills.

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