Metin Uca Obituary: TV presenter and journalist died at age 62

Metin Uca
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Metin Uca Obituary: Metin Uca has passed away from the injuries sustained in an accident, he was 62 years old. Metin had just celebrated his birthday on Monday, November 13. He was a master TV programmer, presenter, journalist, and writer. Uca was described as a very intelligent, very valuable, graceful, and an artist brother. While Uca was traveling in Kocaeli, he unexpectedly became ill and was involved in an accident. Uca was sent to the hospital, where it was revealed that his carotid arteries had become blocked, and he was subsequently intubated.

He was a true Republican artist who was highly smart yet humble, and he could convey even his harsh criticisms in a very gentle manner. He was able to do this because he was able to articulate himself in a way that was very Republican.

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