Melinda Mihlbauer Death: Professional School Counsellor at Woodland HS Passes Away

Melinda Mihlbauer Death
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Melinda Mihlbauer Obituary: Melinda Mihlbauer, a well-known guidance counsellor from Sumter, South Carolina, has passed away. On Saturday, September 16, 2023, she passed suddenly, leaving her loved ones in shock and disbelief.

Melinda Mihlbauer Education

At Woodland High School, Melinda Mihlbauer worked as a professional school counsellor. She founded the PACE Scholarship Academy and served as its founder and CEO. Tens of thousands of children around the country have benefited from her assistance in finding scholarships to pay for their post-secondary education.

In addition, she has helped numerous other students apply for full and partial scholarships to a variety of universities, including Yale University, Clemson University, the College of Charleston, the University of South Carolina, South Carolina State University, Claflin University, Francis Marion University, and more.

As a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, and guidance counsellor, Melinda was adored by all. She inspired children around the country to pursue higher education since she was a selfless member of her community and the areas nearby. Melinda Mihlbauer, a guidance counsellor, had a personality that was a well-balanced combination of empathy, commitment, motivation, and resilience.

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