Marshle Graham arrested in fatal shooting at Sunbury Wendy’s

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Marshle Graham Shooting – A tragic incident happened at Wendy’s in Sunbury on Thursday afternoon, resulting in a fatal shooting. The authorities responded to a call reporting a fight outside the Wendy’s at 88 N. Miller Drive around 2:21 p.m.

Within two minutes, police arrived at the scene to find an individual in the parking lot with a gunshot wound, and unfortunately, the victim was pronounced dead at the scene. Swift action was taken by the police, leading to the immediate apprehension of the suspect at a separate location in Delaware County.

The suspect, identified as Marshle Graham, 42, voluntarily turned himself in. Law enforcement officials have charged Graham with one count of voluntary manslaughter in connection to the incident.

As the investigation unfolds, Sunbury police are diligently working to gather more details surrounding the circumstances of the shooting. The community is left grappling with the aftermath of this tragic event, and authorities are committed to bringing clarity to the situation through a thorough examination of the facts surrounding the case.

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