Markese Bryant Obituary: Sustainability Lead at Remix Cause Of Death

Markese Bryant Obituary
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Markese Bryant Obituary: Unexpectedly, Markese Bryant, Remix: The Soul of Innovation’s Sustainability Lead, passed away. Born and raised in East Oakland and Vallejo, California, Markese Bryant was declared deceased today, September 19, 2023.

Markese was collaborating on the creation of a platform for innovation management to aid in the process of community-led sustainable development. During this trying time, our thoughts and prayers are with his friends, family, and community.

Who was Markese Bryant?

Markese W. Bryant was raised in Vallejo, California, after being born in East Oakland, California. He had to say goodbye to both his parents when he was six years old since the criminal justice system had taken both of them away. Markese came perilously close to the same conclusion in 2005 after being discovered peddling crack cocaine in his neighbourhood.

Markese had the good fortune to be accepted into the Oakland Mentor diversion programme, which gave him the chance to right his previous wrongs.

He took a year off before enrolling at Morehouse College, where he immediately started organising the school and the neighbourhood around him and gave speeches on the need for sustainability.

Markese Bryant’s Cause of Death

At the time of this publication, the details regarding the circumstances leading to Markese Bryant’s passing remain undisclosed to the public. Despite this lack of official information, his family has unfortunately confirmed the heartbreaking news of his demise.

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