Man Arrested For Reckless Driving that Caused Destruction on Bellingham Police Patrol Vehicle

Man arrested for reckless driving that caused destruction on Bellingham police patrol vehicle.

Imagine yourself traveling in the early morning hours when all of a sudden your windshield erupts in front of you, sending glass flying. This statement was made by Bellingham Police Department.

According to the Police department, two of their officers had to deal with that early on Saturday when they patrolled their area around 4:30 a.m. As they approached Fraser Street in their patrol cruiser on Lincoln Street, they noticed a man slumped over just past the blind corner. They narrowly avoided suffering serious injuries.

In the next instant, that male launched a 25-pound railroad tie in the air in an arc that was specifically directed for the windshield of their vehicle. The railroad tie smashed through the glass, as evidenced by the images.

Fortunately, neither officer suffered a significant injury.

In addition to making an emergency call and turning on the emergency lights while navigating the glass fragments, they also turned the car around. When they got close to the thrower, he stopped for them but disobeyed any further orders.

Other officers showed up, but he remained uncooperative. They came up with a strategy on how to approach him and safely take him into custody. Without incident, he was taken into custody and sent in jail.

The cops spent a substantial amount of time removing glass fragments from their skin, hair, and jaws as well as from every pocket and crevice of their uniforms. The man was throwing the railroad tie at just any passing car because he was unaware that it was a police car.

We are fortunate that neither of our officers nor anybody else suffered major injuries because his actions clearly pose a threat to the community. BPD has approached this individual 26 times this year, leading to 15 arrests (including this last one.) He was also booked on account of 8 arrest warrants.

We are incredibly thankful that none of our officers was gravely hurt as a result of the suspect’s careless and perilous behavior.

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