Malcolm MacArthur Death: MS died by suicide, Obituary

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Malcolm McArthur Death: Malcolm David McArthur of Cleveland, Mississippi, passed away by suicide after he lost his battle with depression on November 18, 2021, when he was 20 years old. Malcolm cherished people, Marvel comics, poetry writing, anime, dancing, physical fitness, science and space exploration, and investigations into the human psyche.

Malcolm yearns for a profound comprehension of the world that surrounds him, a world that was not quite designed for an individual of his caliber. It is exceedingly difficult to adequately express Malcolm’s simple goodness and good nature; he was a young man who was considerate, sincere, pure, and quick-witted. Individuals remarked that Malcolm could infiltrate one’s heart and establish residence there. His interactions with others were undoubtedly beneficial, and he genuinely enhanced the lives of those in his inner circle.

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