Maggie Smith Was Diagnosed With Cancer At The Age Of 73 Year old

Maggie Smith is the epitome of brilliance. She brought to life every role she played throughout a decade, whether it was Violet Crawley in Downtown Abbey or the legendary Professor McGonagall in the Harry Potter film series. Her devoted friends and following couldn’t help but guess that she had died in early 2022.

Smith did not appear in the Harry Potter reunion special Return to Hogwarts, which broadcast on HBO Max on New Year’s Day. Instead, her archival video was utilized in the show. As a consequence, the internet was inundated with inquiries concerning her location. So,

Is Maggie Smith Still Alive?

Smith has had a few health issues in her life, but they are all in the past as of this writing. That is to say, she is alive and better than ever at 87. She no longer plays grandmother roles, as she did in her prime. “I’ve been playing old pieces for a long time. “I play 93 a lot,” she said in a March 2013 interview with Vanity Fair.

Maggie Smith
Maggie Smith

It would be a hardship, according to the Oscar-winning actress, if “you’re one of those amazing stars who’ve always been gorgeous.” She hinted that she had no qualms about taking on higher jobs. Smith was honest about cosmetic surgery in other parts of the conversation. She stated that if she had found it earlier in her life, she could have chosen the alteration, ruling out the prospect of undergoing surgery in the future.

The seasoned actress also joked about why she no longer made public appearances. “I genuinely believe that if I went to Los Angeles, for example, I would terrify people,” she said, adding that such gatherings were not attended by elderly people. Smith enjoys her old age, but she isn’t a fan. “I don’t like it at all, but then who does?” she said on 60 Minutes (reported by Recapo.) She was perplexed as to why time was passing so quickly.

Maggie Smith’s Cancer Battle

Smith was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008 when she was 73 years old. While shooting Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, she had to endure treatments such as chemotherapy. Smith told The Times (via The Daily Telegraph) a year later that the notion of not being able to return to the stage worried her. She stated that she had lost faith in her ability, despite her desire to perform in theaters again. “I’d want to be able to since I like it so much, but I’m lacking in confidence.”

Maggie Smith

Smith said that her age made her recuperation difficult. “You take longer to recuperate because you are not as robust,” she stated. According to her reports, there were occasions when she believed she wouldn’t make it. Despite all odds, she finished the film and triumphed over the sickness. “A previous couple of years have been a write-off, but I’m now starting to feel like a human,” she said at the conclusion of the conversation.

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