Lucy Leatham and boyfriend Callum injured in car crash near Bristol Airport

Lucy Leatham
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Lucy Leatham Accident – Lucy Leatham and her boyfriend Callum were involved in a serious car accident near Bristol Airport on October 28th. Callum remains hospitalized, albeit with a less severe injury. Callum is recovering from less severe injuries; however, he still suffers from excruciating agony and a fractured scapula. Lucy is in a critical condition; since the collision, she has been in a medically induced stupor due to her severe injuries.

She sustained multiple injuries, but the damage to her right limb was of particular concern. Lucy remained in the operating room for thirteen hours. Lucy will reportedly lose her right arm above the elbow. Those who know Lucy are aware of her unwavering commitment and immense pleasure derived from operating heavy goods vehicles.

Lovingly anticipating the future of Lucy and Callum, they have established a crowdfunding campaign to assist with Lucy’s anticipated expenses and income loss. The reason they are raising funds is to assist her during her recovery so that she may be able to drive again via prosthetics, modifications to her vehicle, and physical therapy. It would be tremendously appreciated in any way that you could contribute.

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