Louisiana Tech stabbing Today: Dominique Moses Mckane and 3 others injured

Louisiana Tech stabbing
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Louisiana Tech stabbing: A 23-year-old Tech University student is being held by police after reportedly stabbing four people as they left classes at the university’s Lambright Sports & Wellness Center this morning. Louisiana Tech Police Chief Randal Hermes said Jacoby Johnson, of Rayville, was detained without incident as he was driving south past West Alabama Avenue beyond the J.C. Love baseball field.

According to a Tech press statement, Johnson is being hospitalized at Northern Louisiana Medical Center for injuries sustained during the initial incident. One of the victims has been identified as a young mother Dominique McCain. Dominique is graduate student who was exiting a water aerobics practicum class in Tech’s Department of Kinesiology at the Lambright at the time of the attack, was one among the four victims.

There are four known casualties, according to Tech’s announcement. Two were taken to NLMC, one was evacuated to Shreveport by Pafford EMS, and the other declined care. One victim is allegedly in critical condition at NLMC as of 11:40 a.m., and the two other hospitalized victims are in serious but stable condition. The other three victims, other than McCain, are not students.

Hermes said that the attack was random. The victims were attacked as they walked down the sidewalk on the intramural center’s east side, near the outdoor swimming pool. Johnson allegedly entered the premises and fled, encountering the victims in his path. Johnson had not been charged as of late this morning.

One of the victims was flown from the site and sent to a hospital in Shreveport. Two people were rushed to Northern Louisiana Medical Center, where one was undergoing surgery at about midday. According to officials, the fourth patient refused care.

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