Loren Koch Obituary: Omaha, Owner of Brother Sebastian’s Steakhouse

Loren Koch Obituary
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Loren Koch Death – Owner of Brother Sebastian’s Steakhouse and Winery Loren Koch of Omaha, Nebraska has died. He passed away leaving those who knew him in shock and disbelief. He was announced dead on Sunday 3rd December 2023 through a Facebook post that reads “It is with much sadness that we inform our Brother Sebastian’s guests, friends, and family, of the passing of our beloved owner, Loren Koch”. The cause of Loren Koch’s death has not been revealed.

Who was Loren Koch?

Loren Koch, the proprietor of Brother Sebastian’s Steakhouse, was not only a culinary arts expert but also a devoted and kind-hearted person. He was the person who was responsible for the success of this well-known restaurant. The journey that Loren Koch took into the realm of culinary arts began with a love for food that was both simple and profound. Having spent his childhood with a profound respect for high-quality products and the pleasure of preparing magnificent dishes, Loren’s goal came true when he launched Brother Sebastian’s Steakhouse.

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