Lisa Colangelo Obituary: member at GAC Family Network has died at age 62

Lisa Colangelo Obituary
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Lisa Colangelo Death: Health coverage has been Lisa Colangelo’s specialty since she began working for Newsday in 2019. In her former position with the New York Daily News, she was responsible for reporting on City Hall and the Borough of Queens. Before that, she worked for the Asbury Park Press in New Jersey as a statehouse correspondent in Trenton and the Bucks County Bureau as a reporter. According to reports, Lisa passed away following from an incident.

Lisa embraced your responsibilities as a wife, mother, kitty parent, friend, coworker, mentor, aunt, cousin, daughter, sister, sister, aunt, cousin, and coworker with devotion. Your companionship was a tremendous blessing. Lisa died early Saturday morning in Georgia.

We shared a multitude of life experiences (including family, work, interests, and more). I was so much educated by you. Your forthright, no-nonsense approach was an element of your allure that allowed you to confront me when necessary and provide me with a new perspective on issues (and I believe the opposite was also true since iron sharpens iron).

Numerous individuals were influenced by your online prowess, and you consistently exhibited the time and fortitude to assist, investigate, mentor, and inspire. You were perceptive, intelligent, and meticulous. Your interests encompassed a wide range of topics, such as your family, social media, travel, the environment, birds and wildlife, photography, orchids, sunsets, benign entertainment, conservative politics, and your religious convictions.

Your humor was sardonic and your laughter was contagious. You exemplified grace by virtue of your fortitude throughout your cancer journey. Understanding you was a privilege. My dear friend, I adore and terribly miss you. Knowing you have placed your trust in Jesus’ blood for forgiveness is the greatest gift. I have no doubt that you are currently seated at His feet (Colour 5:8), and I look forward to joining you there in the future.

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