Lilie James Died: Water polo coach found murdered at St Andrew’s Cathedral School

Lilie James Died
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Lilie James Obituary, Cause Of Death: Lilie James, the water polo coach tragically murdered and left in a campus restroom at a prestigious Sydney school, has been identified. Described as a talented dancer and swimmer with a promising future, Lilie James’s body was discovered in the gymnasium bathroom at St Andrew’s Cathedral School in the CBD.

Lilie James Cause Of Death

Concern arose when she failed to return home, prompting a family member to contact the authorities around midnight on Wednesday. While the exact cause of her death is yet to be determined, the police have classified it as a homicide due to severe head injuries.

Who is Lilie James?

Lilie spent her childhood with her parents and younger brother in the suburb of Kogarah in Sydney’s south. She is currently studying at the University of Science and Technology and is expected to complete a bachelor’s degree in sports business management this year. In 2019, she performed well in swimming, winning the Under-17 Championships.

On her parents’ social media profiles, one can find a series of snapshots documenting her achievements, from early dance awards during her primary school years to the momentous occasion when she received her learner’s permit in 2018. A poignant photo shows a 16-year-old girl. One-year-old Lilie proudly holds a yellow L plate in front of her family’s car in Kogarah.

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