Lesley Page Death: Woman shot dead in Emneth home

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Lesley Page, aged 65, was discovered deceased with multiple gunshot wounds by law enforcement officials at the location. In a shocking turn of events, Lesley Page has been discovered deceased, having suffered a fatal gunshot wound, within the confines of a historic 16th-century manor house valued at a staggering £1 million.

As the investigation unfolds, detectives are diligently interrogating an individual who remains under suspicion for the crime of murder. In the early hours of Monday morning, authorities received a distress call from Emneth, a town located near Wisbech. A report was received regarding the discovery of a woman’s body, estimated to be in her 60s, at the Banyer Hall property located in Lady’s Drove.

Upon their arrival, authorities made a startling discovery as they apprehended a man, believed to be in his 60s, and took into custody Ms. Page on suspicion of murder. Banyer Hall, a Grade II listed building, has gained recognition for its appearance on the popular BBC show, Escape to the Country.

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