Leigh Conlee San Marcos CA, Beloved mother died in car accident in Encinitas

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Leigh Conlee Death – Leigh Conlee, a native of South Pasadena, California, and a beloved wife and mother has sadly passed away. She was announced dead in a social media publication that read “It’s my saddest day today learning that my best friend from elementary school has passed away. She was a rare light and beautiful light in this world and she will be missed me, her family and by all who knew her. Leigh Purciel Conlee.”

What was Leigh Conlee’s cause of death?

The driver of a minivan died after it struck a retaining wall in Encinitas late on Tuesday night, according to sheriff’s officials. The collision occurred in the 500 block of Via Cantebria shortly after 11:30 p.m., as reported by the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department. The minivan, according to sheriff’s officials, was heading north on Via Cantebria when it abruptly turned off the road, struck a pole or streetlight, and then crashed into a wall for an unidentified cause.

The only person inside the van, an unidentified female driver, was verified to have passed away at the site by officials. Leigh Conlee was the driver, according to family. Sheriff’s officials said that they are unsure at this time whether drinking, narcotics, or medical emergencies were factors in the collision. Due to the emergency reaction, the street was closed in both directions, and a Sig Alert was issued for the region.

Fundraising for Leigh Conlee’s funeral

Gracie Slattum is organizing this fundraiser. The fundraising page organized to raise $25,000 has raised the sum of $19,006 at the time of this publication. To donate to the family, click on GoFundMe. “We are reaching out via GoFundMe and desperately asking for all of your support for the Conlee family during this time. Leigh was a huge part of the Conlee family income, so all of these funds will have an enormous impact for the Conlee’s throughout this heartbreakingly difficult period of loss and grieving.” The page read.

Leigh Susan Purciel Conlee is a wonderful jumble of smiles, love, and laughter. She was adored in her roles as a wife, mother, sister, neighbor, and friend. She was an active member of the SEH community nd North County pickleballers.

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