Lara Parker Obituary: Died at age 84, Cause Of Death

Lara Parker Obituary
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Lara Parker Deat: Lara Parker, the actress most known for playing the role of Angelique Bouchard on the macabre ABC serial opera Dark Shadows, has passed away. She was pronounced dead at the age of 84. Not only does Lara leave behind a loving family, but she also has a long list of acting appearances, a series of best-selling novels, and other writing. The family members and friends mourn Lara Parker who acted as the Witch Angelique in ‘Dark Shadows.’

Lara Parker passed away

Lara Parker left an impression on the world of film and television that is felt up to this day because of the work she did. One of the most memorable performances in the annals of television history will be Parker’s portrayal of Angelique, who is locked in a centuries-long love-hate relationship with Jonathan Frid’s Barnabas Collins. This performance will be remembered as one of the best ever.

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