Lane Kokshoorn Death: Dad and son died in plane crash in New South Wales

Lane Kokshoorn Death
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Lane Kokshoorn Death – A beloved father who died in a light plane disaster in northern New South Wales is the Gold Coast man and his young kid. Just after 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday, Lane Kokshoorn and his son perished when their recreational kit plane on Winegrove Road in Lilydale, close to Grafton, collided with powerlines. While his son was younger than ten years old, Kokshoorn was in his 30s. It is believed that Kokshoorn worked as a pilot for a commercial aircraft in Japan.

It is thought that the aircraft departed from Gold Coast on Monday, spending the night in an undisclosed location before taking off once more yesterday. Acting Inspector Aaron van Schaik stated in a statement that a recreational aircraft struck a powerline and crashed onto the banks of the Clarence River as a result.

Regretfully, the crash caused the plane to catch fire. Prior to the incident, the plane, according to the police, was flying west. Following the crash, about 186 households in Lilydale lost power, but it has now been restored.

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