Kristy Krewson Obituary: Charlotte, NC, Ivy Stone Interiors Designer & Owner Died

Kristy Krewson Obituary
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Kristy Krewson Obituary: Unexpectedly, Kristy Krewson, the proprietor and designer of Ivy Stone Interiors, went away. A family member of Kristy Krewson, a lifelong resident of Charlotte, North Carolina, reported her death.

Kristy passed away this week. Jared, Bryce, Wyatt, and her adorable 18-month-old son Jamie were the loves of Kristy’s life. She was equally gorgeous on the inside as much as on the outside. Her friends and family are in our thoughts and prayers during this trying time.

Who was Kristy Krewson?

Kristy Krewson was raised in Charlotte, North Carolina, but was born in Great Falls, Virginia. She completed her education at Flint Hill School. Kristy completed her studies in interior design at High Point University after high school.

At Ivester Jackson Distinctive Properties, she worked as a real estate broker. Ivy Stone Interiors’ owner and designer was Kristy as well.

She was a dedicated and loving wife who personified such qualities. Through all of life’s difficulties, her unflinching dedication to her partner served as a pillar of courage and support.

She demonstrated via her marriage that love is more than simply an emotion but also a daily decision, a deliberate effort to appreciate and cherish the connection between two souls.

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